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The museum was founded in 1990 and opened for visitors in 1992. The main mission of the museum is to present the epoch of Magdeburg in the history of the city and country. The main museum expositions are "From the Fort to the City. The pre-Magdeburg period of Mogilyov", "Under the Protection of the Christian Rights Given by God. The Magdeburg Mogilyov", "From the Free City to the Capital City of the Dnieper-Sozh Land. The Magdeburg Mogilyov and the Provincial Mogilyov", "Mogilyov of the Times of Magdeburg Privileges", and the Portrait Gallery. The exposition shows the main stages of the city culture and the most important sides of everyday culture and life by taking into account the urban sub-cultures of different social, ethnic and religious groups of Magilyov. The total number of items (01.01.2012) is 13,274. The most notable objects are the postcard "Mogilyov Province. Theatre Square,» the postcard «Mogilyov Province. Bykhovskaya Street», the postcard «Mogilyov Province. Bolshaya Sadovaya», the postcard «Mogiiyov Province. Pelageevka», the postcard «Mogilyov Province. Provincial Government and the Governor's Palace», the postcard «Mogilyov Province. Cathedral», the Order of Patriotic War of the 2nd degree Nol899508, the medal «For Military Service» No 1893798, the book «Chasovnik», the book «Dioptre», the Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania of 1588. The museum conducts sightseeing tours around the historical and cultural part of Mogilyov, at the museum expositions and its branch «Buynichskoye field», as well as themed tours. Every other year the museum holds the conference «History of Mogilyov: the Past and the Present». The branch of the museum is the "Buynichskoye field".

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