Museum of Mogilyov CIty History

The museum was founded in 1990, opened for visits in 1992. The main mission of the museum is the representation of the Magdeburg era in the history of the city and country. The main museum expositions: "From the site of ancient settlement to the city. Mahiliou pre-magdeburg law period", "Under the protection of the Christian right, from God given. Magdeburg law period in Mahiliou", "From a free city to the capital of Dnepr-Sozh region. Magdeburg law period and provincial Mahiliou". The expositions demonstrate the main stages of the development of the culture of the city, the most important aspects of everyday culture and urban everyday life, taking into account the subcultures of different social, ethnic and confessional groups of the population of Mahiliou. The total number of storage units (as of 01/01/2019) is 13274. The most remarkable items from the museum funds are: the Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1588, the knightly armor of a warrior who died in a battle on r. Vikhra in 1501, the book "The Great Art of Artillery" by Kazimir Semenovich, a liturgical cover with fragments of Slutsk belts, a collection of books of the Mahiliou fraternal printing house of the XVII — XVIII centuries.

The museum conducts sightseeing tours of the objects of history and culture of the city of Mahiliou, the exposition of the museum and its branch "Buynichy field", as well as thematic tours, the museum holds a biennial conference "The History of Mahiliou: Past and Present". Branch of the museum — Buynichy field. The museum also includes a city exhibition hall.